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Quincy is dedicated to his craft and to the power of art to inspire, empower and encourage us, personally and collectively.

In Quincy's young-adult life, he struggled with severe depression, isolation, substance abuse and tribulations of a self-destructive lifestyle. He is now over 10 years sober and has been profoundly influenced by indigenous wisdom keepers and traditional Earth-based healing ceremonies. His messaging is infused with knowledge and experience of the transformative capability of the human spirit and provides encouragement for finding one's path of purpose, especially intended to reach for the younger generation. 

A Brief History

  • 2011: Quincy began visiting High-schools, treatment centers and lock down facilities as a speaker, workshop leader and part-time teacher.

  • 2016: Founded Cypher CURE utilizing the Hip-Hop cypher for positive expression and community support.

  • 2021: Founded Seven Vision Studios, a sovereign media production studio, and REBELWISE, a transformative Hip-Hop crew / with intentional lyricism and high-caliber, world-fusion soundscapes.

  • 2022: Founded Voices of Wisdom to serve some of the most vulnerable youth in our community with workshops designed to create a bridge for the elder teachings to reach the youth (typically middle school and high school age), supported by community and creative expression.

  • Moving forward: Quincy envisions continuing to collaborate with artists across the world and to visit the Mongolia / Siberia area, to re-connect with the land of his ancestral lineage.

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