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Quincy Davis is a dedicated and multi-faceted artist who's work exemplifies a commitment to excellence and depth, intended to encourage, inspire and uplift, personally and collectively.

In his young-adult life Quincy dealt with a very dark part of his journey, struggling with severe depression, substance abuse and the tribulations of finding identity and purpose. Creating music provided a healthy outlet to and a glimmer of hope.

He is now over 11 years sober and his work is weaved with his experience of transformation and is delivered in a form that can reach the younger generation. 

Quincy's Work

  • 2011: Quincy began visiting High-schools, treatment centers and lock down facilities as a speaker, workshop leader and part-time teacher.

  • 2016: Founded Cypher CURE utilizing the Hip-Hop cypher for positive expression and community support.

  • 2021: Founded Seven Vision Studios, a sovereign media production studio, and REBELWISE, a transformative Hip-Hop crew / with intentional lyricism and high-caliber, world-fusion soundscapes.

  • 2022: Founded Voices of Wisdom to serve some of the most vulnerable youth in our community with workshops designed to create a bridge for the elder teachings to reach the youth (typically middle school and high school age), supported by community and creative expression.

  • Moving forward: Quincy envisions continuing to collaborate with artists across the world and to visit the Mongolia / Siberia area, to re-connect with the land of his ancestral lineage.

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