Quincy has been involved in youth education work since 2011, visiting High-schools, treatment centers and lock down facilities as a speaker, workshop leader and part-time teacher. Below are some highlights of Quincy's community work based in the Portland and traveling around the world, as an organizer, guest presenter, workshop leader and teacher of Hip-hop songwriting / production / recording / filmmaking.

Quincy's experience, motivation and connection with the youth stems from his love for the artform of Hip-hop production and songwriting as a much-needed outlet during his upbringing while dealing with isolation and depression, through the trials and tribulations of delinquency and a self-destructive lifestyle. After experiencing a near-death wake-up call, he eventually commit to sobriety and find his path. He is currently over 9 years sober and much of his work speaks to the intense internal transformation process he experienced to change his life.

In 2016 Quincy released his 2nd full-length project, Remedy, and later that year he journeyed to was able to journey to Romania where he filmed a music video in a salt-mine near where his Great-Grandfather was a miner and discovered a connection with his Mongolian ancestry. That same year he met with friends and fellow hip hop artists/educators to form Cypher CURE, a youth/community-based non-profit providing a positive environment for youth to express themselves and explore their gifts.

With the 2020 release of his latest project Rebel Wise, Quincy has been leading virtual workshops for High School and Middle School students in the Portland area with creative partner Mic Crenshaw.


His latest project Voices of the Ancient & Modern Mythology offers a bridge between the youth and the teachings of indigenous Wisdomkeepers while supporting the process of creative expression and community healing.