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Quincy is a multi-faceted artist working primarily with the forms of music-composition, lyricism, recording art, performance, music video and documentary, dedicated to the transformative power of art.

Quincy's love for Hip-hop took form freestyling with his friends and composing beats while in high school. Post-graduation, Quincy attended an art-school to study film with a portfolio scholarship but became dissatisfied with college life. After dropping out and returning to his hometown, he found that making music and songwriting provided a much needed outlet while dealing with isolation and depression. For a number of years Quincy went through the trials and tribulations of delinquency and a self-destructive lifestyle, eventually getting a wake-up call to change his life.

Over 9 years ago, Quincy committed to sobriety and found the teachings of indigenous wisdom-keepers and traditional earth-based ceremonies that profoundly influenced and transformed his life.

2016 marked the release of Quincy’s sophomore project, Remedy, which was inspired by visiting youth lock down facilities as a speaker and workshop leader. This album focused on lyricism and recording art, while working with multiple producers, to deliver a modern sound with empowering messages of transformation. That same year he met with friends and fellow hip hop artists/educators to form Cypher CURE, a youth/community-based non-profit providing a positive environment for youth to express themselves and explore their gifts.

From 2017-2018 Quincy continued to develop his performance abilities by performing to thousands including 2 sold-out crowds at the Hawthorne theater to traveling across the world and performing in Berlin, Germany, gaining new fans and connecting with people from different walks of life.

In 2018 Quincy released an ambitious "visual mixtape" project titled Visions OutKast where he self-produced 12 music videos to go with intricate lyricism delivered over classic beats from the group OutKast. The release of this was followed by his first mini-NW tour, ranging from Grants Pass to Seattle.

In 2018 Quincy stepped back from public releases and shows to focus on developing a new sound and media platform. In October 2020, Rebel Wise was launched and he is now releasing music through this channel.



Some highlights of Quincy's community work mainly in the Portland area from 2014 - 2019, as an organizer, guest presenter, workshop leader and teacher of Hip-hop songwriting / production / recording / filmmaking.

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